4 tips that give you the power to achieve any goals


No matter where you are in your life, you have the power to bring the change you need and achieve your goals.

The “PPPP” principle is a powerful tool to assist you in determining  what you really want and staying on  your path.

What’s the PPPP principle?

It stands for Prophesy, Passion, Power, and Propulsion.

The first  part is prophesy, which is essentially  your “vision” of the dream you would  like to create in your life. Passion then creates power, which propels  you into full action.

Visualization  involves picturing certain things in  one’s mind. Try to visualize yourself  actually doing your goal, living your  goal, succeeding in your goal.

Describe  exactly what that looks like, from  beginning to end. This could take you  an hour, or even longer. Do not be  tempted to skip this exercise. If you  cannot visualize yourself actually   achieving your goal, this will be a  major obstacle to your success!

On the  other hand, if you can visualize yourself actually achieving the goal, this will provide the passion you need to continue to do the work involved.


Actually  we are constantly visualizing. It works by  bringing subconscious mental and  emotional patterns into consciousness.  For example, a man loves baseball, but suffers from arthritis in his  hip. Before going to a baseball camp,  the man visualizes himself playing  baseball, feeling limber and free. In minute detail he fantasizes his movement, his performance, his emotional  experience, exactly as he wants it to be.  He sees and feels himself a winner.  The man proceeds to have a wonderful  time at camp and experiences no pain  while playing baseball.

Picture the fulfillment of your  goals: see it, hear it, smell it, touch it,  taste it. Think about what your life will  be like when the goals are completed;  what will be different, how you will  feel. Afterwards, describe the picture  in writing.

Passion is born out of your visions. True happiness and inner peace  can only be found by pursuing our  passion. You can have passion for  many different things in your lives,  from enjoyment of an athletic sport tofinding a cure for a specific disease.

Passion can be about how you want to feel (loved, admired), how much you  want to have (money, material things),  how well you want to do (win, improve),  how much fun you want to have (hobbies, entertainment), or any number of things.

Perhaps you have many passions. If so, one might say you are a  “passionate person.”

Having passion  simply means that you have been able  to express your inner desires outwardly  and have your desires manifested into  action and emotion.

Your passion is your purpose  and when you suppress (or allow others to suppress) your passion, you hurt  yourself. The price you pay for not living our life purpose is huge. The price  you pay for not pursuing our dreams is huge.

The price you pay for not achieving your goals is huge. You pay the  price in self esteem, personal satisfaction, self actualization and fulfillment. That’s a price you can’t afford to  pay.

“The whole point of being alive is to evolve  into the complete person you were  intended to be” Oprah Winfrey

Are you going to keep your passion in a drawer or are you going to propulsion your passion into action?

You decide what you want but remember your success and happiness are the result of your daily choice !