5 Ways to be more confident person

There’s no success without confidence in yourself, in your power to take control of your life. Look at yourself.Who do you see? Superhero, shy person, bored—ready to conquer your dream? No?
If you don’t believe you can conquer your dream, then there’s no way you ever will. You don’t have to be a superhero to believe in yourself!


Here are the best advice to recover your self confidence:

1. Work out your mind.

Only intentional action shows who you are. Takes time  to nurture your mind by reading, thinking and meditating. You could do it in when it’s best convenient for you. Hey ! Only one hour a day is enough to have the most beautiful mind that will bring you success and happiness in life or your business.

2. Feed your mind with positive thoughts

Many people will tell you story that doesn’t do anything good for your purpose. If you want to keep your spirit in good shape, you have to choose a healthy diet for your mind.
1) Have a vision board for your life and watch it daily even for 15 minutes a day
2) Have a list of your goals. Carry the list with you. By revising your goals daily you increase your efficiency by 90%
3) Listen to music that uplift your spirit. Just do it for 5 minutes and that makes a great difference in your life
4) Watch a good movie. Powerful stories are vitamin that keep your mind strong. That help you become more positive
5) Have a lonely place to reconnect with yourself. Just be in that moment and listen to your own voice. Feel your intuition and do what it recommend you to do
6) Talk to a friend that believe in your dream and want you to achieve your purpose

3. Live a lifestyle of personal growth.

Choose wisely who you associate with. Your relationship could make you grow and bring more confidence in your ability.

4. Invest in yourself

Whatever your level of success you still have room for improvement. Find a mentor, buy the book Art of Achievement: Mastering the 7 C’s of Success in Business and Life and assist the seminar or class that will help you grow.

5. Recognize your potential

You are unique. You have a gift that the world will be different without it. Discover your gift and put it to the benefit of other people. Turn your passion into your business. Bring your purpose to life and find a way to serve millions of people. When you do that, your life won’t nothing than extraordinaire !


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