Earning Passive Income Through a Blog

Blog passive income

The first and simplest way to earn passive income online is to create a blog. You  might even be doing it already without knowing you can earn from it. 

Your blog can cover any topic you want. It can be something personal or professional in nature. Just make sure it’s a topic you are particularly knowledgeable  about and passionate enough to consistently update.

If you’re into cars, write  about cars. If you’re into music, write about music. If you’re into banking and finance, well, you get the idea. 

Note: you will have to learn how to write.  You don’t need to be the best writer in the world, but it does pay to study a bit. 

There are so many resources out there that you can mine in order to learn the basics of writing. Read up and then practice writing a lot. 

The next step is to connect with an online community that shares your passions  and interests.  By connecting your blog to other blogs that are similar in nature, you’ll be able to  have an immediate support community willing to help you share information on  the net. You will also have access to their followers and have an increased possibility of gaining traffic to your site through that.

When you have amassed a  certain amount of followers, that’s when you can incorporate ads into your site. 

Google Adsense is one good example of an affiliate site that you can incorporate  into your blog. Their ads are automated and adjust immediately to what your topics  are about increasing the chances of people clicking on them and you earning a  residual income from it. 

You can also sell eBooks on your website by becoming an Amazon affiliate. Like  Google Adsense, the residual income from a sale made from Amazon will help you  earn enough over time.

Amazon not only sells books but other items as well. If  your topics are directed in a manner that covers those other items as well, you are  more than likely to get a sale through your Amazon ads too. 

Another way to profit from your blog is to provide information and then sell  eBooks that you have authored and published yourself.

If people see you as an authority on a certain subject matter, they are more than likely to seek for more information from you and buy your eBook.  As you can see, people can earn simply from blogging. It does take time and effort  but it will pay off in the end. 

Action Steps: 
1. Think about your passions and interests. Choose one which you believe you’ll  be able to consistently write about. 
2. Sign up for any of the popular blogging platforms online today. Example:  WordPress or Blogger. 
3. Start writing 250 to 500 word articles about your passions and interests. Try to  include some images to break up the texts in your post. 
4. Publish online and start inviting people to visit your blog. 
5. Incorporate ads in the future when you’ve amassed a certain number of regular  visitors.