How far are you from your dream?

Today you’re about to learn a great number of ideas that have helped successful people accomplish their goals, achieve certain wealth, and experience greater joy and satisfaction in their lives. You could transform your life by using these ideas.
You’re about to learn the art of winning which is guaranteed to help you achieve your most inspiring dreams. Jim Rohn first discovered it when he was twenty-five years old, a time in his life when he needed some new ideas to help change his direction.
After graduating from high school, he attended one year of college. Then he thought he was smart enough to quit which was but one of the many major mistakes he made in those early days. But he was ambitious and willing to work hard, and he figured that he wouldn’t have any trouble getting a job…which turned out to be accurate. So with a head full of dreams and ambitions, he started his first job.
About three years later, he got married, made lots of promises, and continued to work hard. A couple of years after that, they started a family. At age twenty-five, he began taking a new look at his life.
Unfortunately he was behind on his promises, behind on his bills, and discouraged—far from making the progress  he should have made.
He said: I was willing to work hard; that was not the problem. But it was clear that it was going to take more than hard work. And I didn’t want to wind up broke at age sixty, needing assistance like so many people I saw around me.
Setback after setback he decided to change the direction of his life. He didn’t have too much option. With his family growing, going back to school seemed like a tough decision. He didn’t have any money to start his own business.
He said in his book Leading an inspired life: Money was one of my problems. I remember once losing ten dollars and being physically ill for two days. Over a ten-dollar bill! Some of my friends tried to be cheerful. They said, “Look, maybe some poor person who needed it found it.” But that was not really helpful.
At that time in my life, benevolence had not yet seized me. I was the person who needed to find ten dollars, not lose it.So that’s where I was at that time in my life—behind on my dreams, constantly wondering what I could possibly do to change things for the better.
Jim Rohn life start to change when he met a very unique and successful man named Mr. Earl Shoaff. A man that inspire him so he would give anything to be like him. He worked for him in several of his businesses which was the best years of Jim life.
Mr Shoaff teach him his philosophy  of living successfully like how to be wealthy and how to be happy.
Those ideas bring him the achievement of his dream. What if you apply these ideas?
It all starts with a dream. What’s yours? Would you recognize your dreams? The thing you were born to do.
How do you use your talents and gifts? What sparks your feeling of destiny? What’s your purpose in life? How far are you from your dream?
Don’t get discouraged, some people traveled a long way to get to their destination and you can make it. After all you have great talents, skills and abilities. You might discover them when you consider the top three things you’re good at that will help you get where you want be.