How To Start living your Dream IN LIFE IN 5 MINUTES

Living your dream

For those of you who say, “ I cant achieve my dream because of…” and then quickly follow that up with some kind of excuse, let me ask you this: how good is your excuse? Were you born with no arms and no legs?

Was life so painful knowing you were a burden to your family that you tried to drown yourself in a bathtub just to make their lives easier?

Because thats what happened to Nick Vujicic, and hes now living his dream of inspiring people all around the world through his message of faith, love, and hope. Nick has influenced the lives of millions of people with more than 2,000 speeches in 44 countries.

If you have two arms and two legs, whats your excuse?

Were you born into a dirtpoor family during a horrible war which threatened to destroy most of the world?

Were you struck with an incurable, debilitating disease in your prime which left you in a wheelchair and told by the doctors that you wouldnt live more than two or three years?

Were you at the bottom of your class in high school?

Because thats what happened to Stephen Hawking, one of the most influential people in the field of physics and cosmology.

Were you torn away from your family and imprisoned in a concentration camp for years?

Were your wife and family all murdered while you were sentenced to slave labor, living on moldy bread and unrecognizable porridge?

Thats what happened to Victor Frankl, who later wrote a bestselling book Mans Search for Meaning, and has forever left a legacy in the field of psychotherapy.

Were you repeatedly abused and raped as a child growing up?

Did you grow up as a poor black woman trying to make it in a white mans world?

These are just some of the challenges Oprah Winfrey had to deal with, and shes now a billionaire and one of the most influential people on the planet.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. If these people went through such horrible circumstances and went on to achieve such incredible feats in life, do you think its possible that you could overcome whatever challenges youre facing and achieve something great as well? Thats reality!

In fact, all four of these incredible people have said basically the same thing in one way or another, and Ill paraphrase it here for you:
Even though this horrible thing happened to me, it actually made me stronger, and Im now grateful for it because, by overcoming that obstacle, I become a stronger, better person.

What if the challenges and struggles you are dealing with in life right now are actually good for you?

What if theyre helping you become a better, stronger person so that you can achieve your dreams?

Thats reality. So if you want to conquer 90% of your obstacles in life right now, just think about all the people who have gone through so many challenging circumstances and still achieved great things in life. Then youll realize you ought to be grateful for the amazing life and opportunities you do have. Then youll realize that all those excuses and reasons why you cant be successful or achieve your dreams arent real at all. And when you let go of those false limitations, at least 90% of the socalled obstacles in life will melt away.

Will there be work left to do? Of course there will! But at least youll be able to face your problems and challenges directly and appropriately without carrying around all that extra baggage.

Grab your notebook or journal and a pen. Write down your three biggest problems or challenges right now. Then write down at least five reasons why youre grateful for that problem and how its providing an opportunity for you to improve your life. If you cant think of any reasons to be grateful, use these questions as a guide:

  • How is this situation serving me?
  • What lessons could I learn here that could improve my life?
  • How can I prevent a problem like this from happening in the future?
  • If this is the biggest problem I have, how does it compare to the problems
    other people are facing right now
  • Who is supporting me during this challenge? Can I be grateful for their
  • Is there someone who overcame a similar problem or challenge before?
  • What can I learn from their experience?

Exerpt from the book You Can’t Cheat Success. Buy it from Amazon to unleash your greatness