What’s the key to get all you want?

Hello Guys, Let’s talk again about my friend Jim Rohn. It’s one of the author that help me get my life on track. I spent many hours listen to him while driving to work. He’s one of my best friend. If you need the best idea to lead a successful life, he’s the man with the solution.
Jim Rohn said without the discipline of paying constant, daily attention, we take things for granted. Be serious. Life is not a practice session.
For every disciplined effort, there are multiple rewards. If you sow well, you will reap well.
Otherwise you get what you give. That’s why discipline is so important. If you provide unique service to others, your reward will be multiplied.

For a couples of years I wasted my time chasing the wrong goals. I used to set too many goals and I was smart enough to find the best excuses for not achieving none of them. Being a discipline person was really tough for me.

When I started reading How to lead an inspired life and The art of achievement I use my time best, I set clear and proper goals and structure my activities around them.

Wow ! I was so excited to master goal setting and that gives me a clear sense of what I want, a clear conception of what I expect to receive from life and it gives me too a clear idea of what I want to contribute, what I like to make happen and the results I hope to see as a consequence of my efforts. By getting clarity in my life, I do achieve the success I was looking for.

Jim Rohn told me though his book:LEADING AN INSPIRED LIFE  3 keys help me to become successful and happy. When I practiced these habits in my life, extraordinaire thing comes to life. I reach my financial freedom, I takes care of my family, I give back to my community and on top of that I reached my goals by using my best gift which is Inspiring others to lead an inspired life.
Do you want to know these keys?  I was curious too. Let’s talk about it.
The first key is Responsibility. It’s the discipline to take my life in charge, to know that I have the power to bring the change I want. Two questions to test my responsibility:
What will it take? What must I do and what must I become to get all I want from life?

I was always focus on what should I do to become successful and I was wrong. Jim Rohn told me: Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.  Since that day I did make sure that my actions reflect my core value.

What’s the second key?

You might know it already. But I used to take it for granted. When I had something important to do, i postponed it. And I spent my times in activities that did not get me closer to my dream or my purpose in life. This key is Decision.
I learned discipline gives me the ability to follow up in my decision. Instead up having every option open, I made a choice and follow through it day after day until I get the results I want. And the results were incredible !

What’s the third key?

Commitment is the connection between my values, my purpose and my actions. By mastering this discipline I learned the power to overcome any obstacles, and to let my mistakes shows me the best opportunities life has to offer and to make something good about any misfortune.

Those 3 keys: Responsibility, Decision and Commitment help me paying myself first, use my time effectively, learning all I could learn and build better relationship with my friend, my coworkers and my community.

Now, what about you? Think about your life at this moment.

What areas do you need attention right now?

What decision could you take now to start living your dream life?

What action should you commit today to have a better result in your life or business?

What book should you read to improve your effectiveness ?

Reading is the key of your achievement. And there are many good books that might help you get all you want.

If you commit to bring change in your life, I strongly recommend reading:LEADING AN INSPIRED LIFE And Art of Achievement: Mastering the 7 C’s of Success in Business and Life